Friday, July 23, 2010


(Posted 10/15/08)
Hello again!
I finally have some pictures of the baby’s room to share with you (as promised). As you can see, we haven’t put anything on the walls yet… we plan to put up some letter blocks of the baby’s name (which is still TBA) and other wall hangings. We just wanted all the essential stuff for baby to be in there first. We picked out the colors before we knew for sure if our baby would be a boy or a girl, which is why it’s not all pink. Actually, we took the idea for the bright yellow walls from my sister-in-law in Michigan (thanks Aimers!). And my favorite color is red (if you can’t tell) so we did everything else in red. We also plan to add blue and green accents… kind of a Dr. Seuss-type theme. We are fans of bright, bold colors… but to be honest, those are hard to find when it comes to baby stuff. We also planned to get a typical rocking chair or glider… but I found I was much more comfortable rocking in a recliner. And it’s been great to sleep in too!

Our baby girl could be here any day!!! I’ll do my best to update you all and add photos as soon as possible!

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