Friday, July 23, 2010

Chile pics

(Posted 07/07/10)

In case you can't tell... I love to take LOTS of pictures! So needless to say we brought back hundreds of pictures from our trip to Chile. So I plan to just start from the beginning and share a few pics here and there. These pics are from the first few days of our trip. Enjoy!

Sydney loved my relative's cats...or should I say "gatos!" Although they may not have felt the same way about her. :-) Dave and I are both very allergic to cats so I was glad to see that they didn't seem to bother Sydney at all.

Sydney with my Aunt Teresa (or Tia Tita as we call her)

Sydney LOVED the Metro. She thought it sounded like a train and yelled "choo choo!" every time we got close to a Metro station.

Ah... the beautiful mountains. And yes, those are palm trees.

Sydney was getting into the local culture (too bad her mom lost this poncho after buying it. Boo!)

Sydney saw this hat and just HAD to have it. I think she was trying to look like dad.

"Aren't we so cute?!"

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