Friday, July 23, 2010

LOST Theories

(Posted 05/28/10)

(This post is for all "LOSTies") Now that you have had some time to think about it, what do you think Lost was all about? I'll share what I think later.
Updated Friday, June 4, 2010:
So from what I can tell, LOST fans either loved the ending or hated it. And I mean really hated it. I was in the "loved it" category and I really thought that I wouldn't like it. I just figured that I had gotten so used to cliff-hanger style endings that I wouldn't enjoy a wrap up, of sorts. I think it all comes down to why someone watched the show. If the viewer liked the relationships/acting (as I did) then it was a fitting ending. But if he/she enjoyed the sci-fi nature of it...then there may have been some disappointment. All along I liked the redemptive nature of the island and the personal experiences that people went through. The ending, for me, was all about redemption...and what people had to go through before they could find complete peace. Which really is a lesson to all of us. I also got very emotional during Jack's dad's speech...maybe because I lost my own dad five years ago. Just seemed like a lot of wisdom being passed down...even if it was in too late (at least in this life here on Earth).
I know many of you didn't watch the show and didn't care about how it ended...but those of us that did spent so much time talking about it over the last six years... I felt that I had to take a moment to talk about it. Okay enough of that... stay tuned for more pics of Sydney!!

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