Friday, July 23, 2010


(Posted 07/15/10)

I love hearing the commentators say GOOOOOOLL!! (Spanish for goal) on Chilean television. Sometimes I would think they'd need to take a breath in the middle!
What an opportunity! We got to be a part of the celebrations as the Chilean soccer team (aka "La Roja") did better in the World Cup than most expected. The entire country got behind their team and many businesses and schools actually shut down or had all employees and/or students huddled around a television set to watch the games. Pretty cool to witness firsthand.

This was a common sight on game days. Flags flying out car windows while car horns honking like crazy.

Thousands of Chileans filled the plazas and streets to celebrate victories.

A local TV crew trying to get some good shots by standing on top of their work vehicle.

Viva Chile!

Even the workers got into the spirit. And check out the riot gear on that officer!

I couldn't help but join in the celebrating!

No riots broke out when we were there... but police were ready, just in case. They did have to get people out of the streets by using tear gas and water cannons.

This is the second game that they won. We were in a mall in La Serena where a huge television screen showed the game in the middle of the food court.

There's Dave cheering on "La Roja"!

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