Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Sydney!!

(Posted 10/20/09)
Sydney is now a 1-year-old!!! That is so hard to believe. This past year has gone so fast...but it's been so awesome. We had a great birthday party over the weekend. Lots of Channel 7 babies and children. It was so much fun!! And Sydney LOVED the frosting (just like her mom)!! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, SYDNEY!

Me and Sydney with Sandra Kirk McGrew, the "party planner"
Heather Crawford with Palmer, Me with Sydney, and Jamie Deason with James
James Deason
Sydney and James
Abbey and Ashton Inman
Nicole Inman with little Nathan
Shelby Pederson
Gracie Green
Katrina, Prentice, and Zachary Dupins
Cake time!!!
Sydney had frosting everywhere!!
Sydney with the Davidsons!
There's Sydney's dad...belaying Georgia Brandt while Sophie and Benjamin wait their turn (and dad Barry cheers them on!)
Sydney with her babysitter, Andrea Davidson
Sydney showing off her walking skills (with assistance) with Grandpa Larry!

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