Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Family time in Branson

Yep... you might think I'm crazy but we spent the Memorial Day holiday weekend in Branson! The only reason I say that is because it is a very busy time there. But this trip was all about FAMILY! My sister and her family from Yankton, SD met us there and we all had a wonderful time. She and her husband also have two little girls so we had a total of four girls ages 5 and under. So fun! We actually didn't do a lot of Branson-type stuff because we were easily entertained by the pool, the park, and just hanging out in our rental house...which was perfect for us! Hope you all had an awesome Memorial Day weekend!!

Riding the Duck Boats (the pic with my sisters hair in her face is my favorite!!)

The Branson Landing

Build A Bear!!

Our awesome rental house!

Fun selfies!

Sydney's bear "Cinderella" made it into this selfie :)

Playing at the park
Fun at the pool

The ladies (my sister Kathryn and me)     

The men (Jim and Dave)

We tried to watch the sunset over the lade almost every night. So beautiful!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sydney's dance recital!

I used to be a dancer... now I'm a dance mom. :)

That thought used to scare me but that's probably because it has a negative connotation. Just because I am a dance mom doesn't mean I have to be one of THOSE dance moms. If you've seen the reality show called Dance Moms... you know what I'm talking about.

But I have never been so proud to be a dance mom! Sydney LOVES her dance class at Shuffles and Ballet II. And really loves dancing on the big stage at Robinson. And I LOVE watching her. Although the stage almost seems to swallow up the little girls... I still feel like she looks so big. Maybe that's because it still feels like just yesterday when she was a newborn baby. And I know from my friends that have older kids... it only seems to go faster and faster. So I want (and try) to treasure every moment. Couldn't be more proud of my tiny dancer!!

And I must say I was also very impressed at how much Reagan (19 months) enjoyed the show. She was captivated by every dance and the burst into applause at the end of each one. I'm guessing she'll be on stage before I know it!
Her class did a tap routine to "Where Did Our Love Go?"

Here's her "Mom, stop taking pictures of me" pose

Her "break a leg" flowers before the show

So proud of my girl!