Friday, July 23, 2010

4-D Baby pics!

(Posted 08/29/08 )
Here she is!!! My husband and I recently went to Baby Views in Little Rock and got a 4-D ultrasound. It was really cool! We got to see the baby’s face pretty clearly as you can see in these pictures. She’s got chubby cheeks, a round face, and plump lips. And everything we saw showed good signs of a happy and healthy baby. She was sleeping most of the time so we didn’t get to see a lot of movement but it was still so much fun to see her so clearly. She now weighs about 4 ½ pounds. So if my due date (October 25) is correct, she’s going to be a big baby! My first due date was October 17th, so that may actually be closer… but of course, we’ll just have to wait and see!

I’m curious to know how similar she’ll look once she’s born. If you’ve had one of these done, tell me about it. And what you thought of it after the baby was born.

Thanks for checking in!!!

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