Friday, July 23, 2010

GMA Segment

(Posted 08/08/08
Hi again!

If any of you tuned in last Tuesday morning for our monthly Good Morning Arkansas segment, you know that there wasn’t one. Due to some scheduling conflicts we had to move it to this coming Tuesday (August 12th). We’re going to have Buffy Benthall, a registered nurse from Baptist Hospital, on the show to answer some questions about a wide variety of topics.

As for me, I’m really starting to feel pregnant! I am now almost 29 weeks along and so excited to be in the third trimester! It is so much fun being able to really feel the baby move. What an awesome thing to experience! Sometimes it feels like she’s doing gymnastics or kickboxing but it’s still always a reassuring feeling. And to follow up on an earlier post, baby and I passed the gestational diabetes test with flying colors (yeah!). (I actually thought the orange flavored juice wasn’t too bad. Getting it all down in five minutes was the tough part.) I am, however, a little on the anemic side so I am now taking iron supplements. Otherwise, everything looked great on the ultrasound!

My husband and I are busy getting the nursery ready! We already have so much baby stuff! It’s so much fun to sort through and organize! I’ll try to post some pictures of it all when it’s finished.

Thanks again for checking in and thanks for all the support and well-wishes!!!

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