Friday, October 5, 2012

Family Time in South Dakota

Climbing her first tree!

I feel like we've been traveling the country for the past week! Well I guess we have been, sort of. We drove more than 2,000 miles!! And I am absolutely amazed at what great little travelers we have. If someone told me how easy it would be to drive with an almost 4-year-old and a 1-year-old...I never would have believed them. But it really was!

I padded our drives with all kinds of time assuming that we'd need extra stops, etc. But nope! We went nearly 800 miles the first day... all the way to my hometown Yankton, South Dakota. After a couple of days we drove across SD to my husband's hometown Gettysburg. Our "city" girls had a great time enjoying the sights and sounds of the "country" living...going fishing, climbing trees, playing with much fun!! And of course we celebrated their birthdays everywhere we went! It was such a wonderful trip... although I'm glad to be back!!

Grandpa Larry helping Sydney pick an apple from a tree

Me and my girls!

Birthday cupcakes!

Whitlock Bay on the Missouri River

Grandma Janet with Dave and Reagan

Dad, Sydney, cousin Javonte and the fish!

Sydney's first fishing trip!

Sydney watching her cousin Gage play football

Sydney and her cousin Iyana...they're only one month apart!

My sister Kathryn with her Margaret and my Reagan

Grandpa Larry helping Reagan feel the water

Dave's sister Lane with Reagan

The girls with Grandpa and Grandma

Sydney and Javonte playing with the rabbits

Birthday cake

Just loving life!

Birthday cupcake!

Sydney with her cousin Zane

Sydney with her cousin Willa

Reagan with cousin Zane

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