Monday, September 10, 2012

Now I KNOW I'm a Hog fan

It's not that I was questioning my loyalty to the Hogs...but after Saturday's game, I have no doubt.
I really wasn't a fan of college football growing up in South Dakota (although there a lot of Husker fans). And although I attended the University of Minnesota, I was never a big Gopher fan (the Vikings have a much bigger following). But then... I moved to Arkansas. Where college football IS a way of life. At first I just enjoyed covering the games... live shots from tailgates and learning how to call the Hogs. But somewhere along the way, I became one of the fans that I once reported on. One of the fans that gets up at the crack of dawn on game days so we can tailgate all day...regardless of when the game starts. And on Saturday I realized that when the players and coaches experience a devastating loss... I feel the devastation. I am still amazed at how physically ill I felt watching that game. And all I could think about was...if I feel this bad, imagine how the players, coaches, and parents feel. It hurts. For all Razorback fans. And although that hurt let me know how much I really like the also reminds me that I will continue to stand by them and support them even when it's not as fun. Not as fun as when we're winning. Especially winning the big games. But it's still our team. And it's still our state. And they're still our Hogs. So you might call me an eternal optimist but so be it... GO HOGS, BEAT BAMA!! :)

Tailgating with the fam!

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  1. I totally agree with you! Will always stand by the HOGS! What an awesome picture of you and your beautiful family!!