Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anne Pressly's 30th Birthday

I so wish this post was about a big birthday bash for Anne Pressly. But instead, it's a about a celebration of what would have been Anne's 30th birthday. If Anne were here today... we just know she would have had the kind of 30th birthday party that would have kept everyone talking for weeks! There probably would have been lots of Diet Coke, lots of bad Karaoke singing, and lots and LOTS of dancing. She really was the ultimate dancing queen! One of Anne's favorite things to say was "love you, mean it!" So today we say love you, mean it to a special girl that is gone but certainly not forgotten.

30 balloons for what would have been 30 years

Anne's mom, Patti
Anne's mom, Patti, drove 14 hours to surprise all of us! So glad to see her! She is an amazing woman! She was such a great mom to Anne and is like a mom to all of us. Love you Patti!!!

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